A little bit of science and a whole lot of fantasy with some romance thrown in for spice.

Soon to be Published! The first book of a new series.

Sarah Among the Stars.

The first book introduces Sarah, a young woman with a couple of unique gifts she’d rather not have. The abilities have broken her dreams, ruined relationships, and left her wondering if she might really be a lab experiment. Hers has become a lonely existence from keeping secrets to avoid the pain of rejection.

After she is shot by strangers at her mountainside cabin, she is thrown into an unimagined adventure that places her in the middle of a tug-of-war between two factions. She has no loyalty to either and will need to use all her skills simply to survive as she is buffeted from place to place. Then there’s Dalon, the handsome commander she can’t forget no matter how far she travels. Along the way, her surprising discoveries might just finally set her free from those secrets she’s been keeping. Or doom her worse than ever.

I don’t yet have the book cover available to reveal, but you can see some pictures I used to help me visualize my characters on Pinterest.

This photo made me think of Sarah, the main character.

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